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Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

We hereby declare as follows in order to seclude ourselves from any relationships with anti-social forces and prevent damage that may be inflicted by them.


Dealing as an organization

In addition to the strong recognition of our social responsibilities, we, as an integrated organization, will systematically establish a system to seclude ourselves from any relationships with anti-social forces in order to be thorough regarding compliance management.


Seclusion from all relationships, including transactions

We will have no relations with anti-social forces, including business relations.


Legal responses, both civil and criminal, in the event of an emergency, and prohibition of engagement in secret transactions

We will resolutely reject unjustifiable requests from anti-social forces and will take legal responses, both civil and criminal. Even if unjustifiable requests are made because of our scandal, we will never engage in secret transactions.


Coordination with external specialists

In preparation for any unjustifiable request from anti-social forces, we will establish close coordination relationships with external specialists under normal circumstances, and will secure safety of the employees who deal with such unjustifiable request.


Provision of funds to anti-social forces

We will never provide funds to anti-social forces.