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From Representative Director

Based on the corporate philosophy of R Act Holding Co., Ltd., each affiliated company will contribute broadly to society by being creative, blending into local communities, and contributing thereto.

Furthermore, as our business activities expand globally in the future, we promise to contribute locally by following our core principle that all activities are open and fair.

In February 2007, former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark announced a government vision that New Zealand can aim to be the first nation to be truly sustainable, and sustainability will be the focus of New Zealand’s national identity in the 21st century.

  1. Sustainability program at home
  2. Sustainability of business partners
  3. Reduction and management of waste
  4. Public service sector to be carbon neutral (i.e., become carbon-free)
  5. Green (i.e., eco-friendly products) procurement by the government
  6. Enhancement of ECO certification system

The word “sustainable” is also included in SDGs, or “Sustainable Development Goals,” which was adopted at the UN Summit in 2015. In order to contribute to the accomplishment of this global goal, we will exert further efforts by bearing sustainability in mind.


【Representative Director】
Makoto Yamamoto

Real Estate Appraiser / First Class Architect
Former Osaka District Court Conciliator / Appraiser / Specialist


Trade Name:      R Act Holding Co., Ltd.

Established:      February 16, 2016

Location of Head Office:      12F NOA Building 3-5 Azabudai 2-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo

TEL (Representative):      81-3-6426-5445

Paid-in-capital:      105,400,000 yen (Including capital reserves)

Consolidated sales:
      2,065,086,000 yen (Fiscal year 2020)
      1,172,683,000 yen (Fiscal year 2019)
      3,452,291,000 yen (Fiscal year 2018)

Main business:      Control, management, and operation of group companies

Affiliated companies:      4 companies