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Our Business

Our Group comprises four major business fields: (1) real estate, (2) hotel management and operations, (3) global trade, and (4) fund management and consulting.

For more than thirty years of experience in the real estate and hotel industry, our management team has not only developed a respectable level of expertise but has been continuously expanding our international business activities.  Moreover, our invaluable international connections broaden our horizon and allow us to grow further.


1.Real estate

Currently we focus on property acquisition—mainly hotels and short-term rental apartments (rented on a weekly basis) by using our experience and applying our expertise in real estate investment, development, sales, brokerage, and hotel operations.  After the acquisition, the property’s value is increased through improvement of earnings power and is sold to investors.


2.Hotel management and operations

We are engaged in contract hotel operations business as a “comprehensive hospitality business operator.”  Furthermore, we expand our overseas business by using our Japanese-style hotel operational know-how


3.Global trade

One of our missions is to introduce overseas’ cultures to Japan through products which are valuable to the Japanese market.  Recently, we established an import and sales channel for meat and wine from New Zealand to Japan.


4.Fund management, appraisal and consulting

We (1) set up a real estate fund for overseas investors who conduct business globally, (2) provide asset management services, and (3) maximize investors’ return.