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Our Business

Our Group comprises four major business fields: (1) hotel business, (2) trading and restaurant business, (3) regional revitalization business, and (4) asset fund formation and management business.

Our management team has extensive experience in real estate industry, construction industry, hotel industry, and other industries, and international connections. We expand international businesses by using such managerial resources.


1. Hotel Business

We are engaged in contract hotel operations business as a “comprehensive hospitality business operator.” Furthermore, we expand our overseas business by using our Japanese-style hotel operational know-how.


2. Trading and Restaurant Business

We introduce overseas culture and valuable commodities to Japan, and sell them. (Currently, we are engaged in the business of selling New Zealand beef and wine in Japan.)


3. Regional Revitalization Business

We use all of our real estate know-how to be engaged in community-based and earth-friendly regional revitalization.


4. Asset Fund Formation and Management Business

With respect to global overseas investors’ assets, we provide real estate fund formation and asset management services, and are engaged in investment business as our SDGs.