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Corporate Philosophy

As we go along the way to make efforts to leave a legacy, have reciprocal influence, and create prosperity on Earth, we must admit countless things are being long forgotten.
The whole process of abandonment, consumption, and disposal of what becomes “the Earth’s garbage” is perhaps the true face of what we refer to as “economic activities” today.
As we acknowledge this, it shall be R Act Holding Co., Ltd.’s mission to spotlight and reinvigorate such economic, natural or social matters which are currently forgotten and restore their natural balance for the good of society and our Planet.
There is a myriad of words beginning with the “R” in English.
The following are some examples:
React  Rebirth  Rebuild  Recover  Recreate  Refine  Remove
Renew  Replace  Reproduce  Research  Return  Revive  Revitalize


All of them imply in their meaning “to take action once again.”
We focus on the act of doing something once again and our aim is to contribute to society by revitalizing something with potential which is long forgotten. Among the above-mentioned terms we place great value on “revitalization” as we firmly believe it is essential that revitalization is linked to certain actions.
Something that has become “old” should not be thrown away as garbage. We believe it is our duty to revitalize it to the fullest extent and create an ecological and society-friendly world instead. This is how we shall engage in our business activities.